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I was given a very small but powerful book when I retired entitled, “Caregiver Therapy” written by Julie Kuebelbeck and Victoria O’Connor. I am a retired elementary school principal and the book was given to me by my school’s social worker. This book truly opened my eyes and heart when I became depressed and questioned, “Why me?”.  The following quote was profound and has proven to be true during my journey:

“Living fully includes caring for yourself and giving care to others. Keeping both in balance will make your journey through life rich and rewarding.”

This insight has changed my perception. It is the reason why today, I’m grateful to give care to my parents. I thank God that during their aging process, I’m learning so much!!  Their growth enhances my growth and I’m also being a responsible role model for my children.  This experience has helped me to understand caregiving as giving gifts of care packages wrapped with TLC.  I’m filled with gratitude to have this extraordinary job.

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“Whether you give care to others as a professional, a volunteer, a relative, or a friend, caregiving can be rewarding and life affirming.” (Caregiver Therapy)



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