Praying has given me the wisdom to understand, energy to accomplish the “why’s and how’s” of caregiving, and the strength to endure. Before I start my day and end my day, I pray and meditate. I read my bible and inspirational readings. Praying and meditating are the best medicines!  My spirit becomes rejuvenated and my thought process is clearer. My soul feels “happy” and I’m ready to give care no matter what it takes! When I feel beaten down, I return to my spiritual place and start over again. I know there will be another day to do my best and unanswered questions will be answered. My challenges will be resolved, my prayers and others praying with me will positively change things. Hallelujah!! I’m a living witness that is faithful and a true believer!

In closing, I will share a prayer with you that was given to me from my Sunday School teacher many years ago. This prayer has guided me in a miraculous manner:

“O God, for another day, for another morning, for another hour, for another minute, for another chance to live and serve thee, I am truly grateful.

Do thou this day; free me
From all fear of the future,
From all anxiety about tomorrow,
From all bitterness towards anyone,
From all cowardice in face of danger,
From all laziness in place of work,
From all failure before opportunity,
From all weakness when thy power is at hand.

But fill me
With love that knows no barrier,
With sympathy that reaches to all,
With courage that cannot be shaken,
With faith strong enough for the darkness,
With strength sufficient for all tasks,
With loyalty to Thy Kingdom’s goal,
With wisdom to meet life’s complexities,
With power to lift me to Thee.

Be thou with me another day and use me as Thou wilt.”

Happy are those who find wisdom, and those who get understanding.  -Proverbs 3:13

“When you feel alone and in need, let God care for you. God is the greatest caregiver there is.” (Caregiver Therapy)

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